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According to the characteristics of the cobblestone material, we design a set of reasonable crushing technology. The structure of the production line is simple, with less energy consumption and large production capacity, etc.
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  The pebbles have a higher hardness, contain highest silicon, but relatively speaking, the pebbles are rich in its resources and low in cost. Today's increasingly shortage of natural sand resources, the artificial manufacturing of sand by pebbles has become a new trend. According to the characteristics of the cobblestone material, we design a set of reasonable crushing technology.
  While considering the cost for crushing project, we also considered the production cost of the production line. The structure of the production line is simple, with less energy consumption and large production capacity, etc.

  Process descriptions of pebbles sand making:

  Here are the descriptions of the pebbles production line process based on the cobble stone features, and our company’s experience in its design, construction and production:
  1.The crushed stone material from jaw crusher will be directly stacked in the center stock yard on a temporary basis, where two seated inertial vibrating feeders are installed in order to control the feeding amount of the material coming into secondary cone crusher. On the main transport belt of the center material warehouse is installed with metal detector and
  de-ironing separator, and when the detector detects a metal block and immediately the center control room is interlocked to turn off the feeder power, while delaying the stop of conveyor power. The conveyor stop position is designed so that the detected metal block can be easily taken away from the cone crushing table.
  2. A small stock bin is set up at the entrance of cone crusher where full cavity is fed so as to produce the qualified product with the best possible particle shape.
  3. After crushing at the cone crusher, material sieving and grading is carried out through Circular Vibrating Screen. The upper material that is larger than the finished product is back to the cone crusher where re-crushing is carried out here, and the lower mixed materials is sent to the third cone sand-making machine to make sand, and the material is graded and screened through the linear vibration screen. The upper layer of screen material returns to the cone sand-making machine for re-crushing, and the lower layer of screen material is separated into the required finished product of different levels.
  4. The finished product is fed to the spiral sand washer through the chute to be washed, and the fine sand recycling device is used to process the fine sand before finally getting the finished sand which is transported by belt conveyor to the finished product area.

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