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Iron ore

Iron ore

Iron ore

Crushing Iron Crude Ore: the crude ore from the mountain by blasting is transported to the ZW series feeder though the self-dumping truck. The feeder will send the ore evenly into PE series jaw crusher for primary crushing.
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  All minerals that contain iron elements or iron compounds can be called iron ores. There are many verities of them. Most important iron ores are magnetite, hematite, limonite and siderite, etc. Iron ore is divided into rich ore (iron mass fraction above 50%) and lean ore(iron mass fraction below 45%~50%) as per its iron content. When assessing the grade and quality of iron ore, we need to know its composition of gangue and harmful impurities (such as sulfur, phosphorus) apart from getting to know the iron content in the iron ore. Iron ore is an important raw material for iron and steel manufacturing enterprises, and the natural iron ore can be processed and iron can come out after they are crushed, grinded, magnetic separation, flotation and re-selection.

  Iron ore process

  1.Crushing Iron Crude Ore: the crude ore from the mountain by blasting is transported to the ZW series feeder though the self-dumping truck. The feeder will send the ore evenly into PE series jaw crusher for primary crushing. The crushed iron ore from jaw crusher will be directly stacked in the center stock yard on a temporary basis, and below the yard two ZW series vibrating dividers are used to send the material evenly into SJ series cone machine for secondary crushing. And after that, the iron ore is sent to SJ cone sand-making machine for finely crushing, where YA
  series Circular Vibrating Screen will grade and screen the material. The upper material with size larger than 12mm is sent back to SJ series cone sand-making machine, and the lower mixed material is sent by the belt conveyor to the finished product area.
  2.To grind iron ore particles: 0-12mm iron particles screened by the vibrating screen is fed uniformly into the ball mill to be grinded and screened by the spiral screen. Among them those not up to the standard will be sent to the ball mill for further grinding; those qualified will be sent to the next stage.
  3.To purify the iron ore powder: the qualified iron powder after secondary grinding not only contains the iron required for production, but also contain other metal mine and gangue. Now, based on the analysis of crude ore, it is possible to purify iron ore by dealing with strong magnetic separation, weak separation through the iron ore magnetic separator.
  4.Drying: when iron ore basically meets with the commercial requirements after handled by magnetic separation, they will be dried by driers before turned into high quality iron essence powder.

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