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Multi-cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

【Feed Size】:90-300mm
【Applications】:mining, metallurgy, construction, road building, chemical industry, electric power, transportation, etc.
【Applicable Materials】:granite, basalt, limestone, iron ore, tuff, bluestone, cobblestone, etc
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  This machine is our product of the spring loaded cone crusher partially upgraded with structure improved by adopting the multi-cylinder hydraulic technology,based on the high efficient cone crusher;
  It is more economic in use.This series of machine is mainly suitable for water and electricity,building,road construction,mine with hardness of crushed stone not exceeding 300Mpa.
  It is strong and high efficient in crushing stones,with low energy consumption,even product particle size.
  1.The machine case is one casting piece.With long service life and high reliability;
  2.It provides half-auto hydraulic pressure for adjusting the discharging exit.It can effectively control the stone size.It is fast and convenient;
  3.It is a special design for crushing cavity,which has greatly improved the production capacity;
  4.It provides iron protection,is safe and reliable.Cavity clearing is automatically and hydraulically driven,and it is time and labor saving;
  5.It provides a structure of labyrinth and grease seal,with a good dust prevention effect;
  6.The oil circulation cooling system is designed according to customers’actual situation and characteristics,and it operates conveniently and reliably;
  7.It is light and compact with reasonable structure.
  8.The crusher plate has no stuffing required,is easy to change.
  9.Teeth board is provided with the patent formula,more wear-resisting.It has long service life,and has high cost performance.
  The working parts of the crusher are two cones,one of which is fixed on the main shaft,the other is a part of the frame and is static.The central line of the main axis of the moving cone intersects with the central line of the fixed cone to form aβ-angle of about 2°.The lower end of the spindle is inserted into the eccentric bushing.The bushing rotates around the sleeve with an eccentric distance,which causes the moving cone to swing sideways along the inner surface of the fixed cone.Close to the fixed cone,where the stone is crushed by the moving cone,bending,shearing and breaking away from the fixed cone,the broken stone falls at the bottom of the cone because of the action of gravity.Because the eccentric bush rotates continuously,the moving cone also continuously rotates and swings,so the crushing process and the discharging process are sequentially carried out along the inner surface of the fixed cone.
  When the stone is crushed,friction is produced on the surface of the moving cone due to the effect of the crushing force,which is opposite to the moving direction of the moving cone.Therefore,a moment is formed on the main axis,which causes the moving cone to make the rotation motion in the opposite direction while the moving cone moves around the axis.This rotation movement can make the product granularity and the moving cone surface more uniform.
  Stone is squeezed,bent,and sheared between two cones.After crushed stone can discharge freely,so its production capacity is large and power consumption is low.
Model Class 特性-偏距值(mm) Max.Feeding Size(mm) Discharging Openging AdjustedScope(mm) Capacity(t/h) Electric Motor Power(KW) Weight(t)
SJ(D)1200C-D Coarse 22 180 19~50 110~250 132 16
SJ(D)1400C-D Coarse 30 235 25~65 210~530 220 25
SJ(D)1400Z-D Medium Coarse 30 215 22~50 200~500 220 25
SJ(D)1400Z-X Fine 25 180 19~45 180~475 220 25
SJ(D)1650C2-D Coarse 34 300 31~65 280~610 250 35
SJ(D)1650C-D Coarse 34 260 25~65 265~580 250 35
SJ(D)1650Z-D Medium Coarse 34 240 19~50 240~550 250 35
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